The business breakfast in Moscow

On August 15, MOSCOW BLOCKCHAIN AGENCY and investment company FINAM are holding the first investor meeting with Alexey Chalenko and Anatoly Chernenko, founders of a new blockchain project from the well-known fintech company 7Seconds. Attention!…


Criteria for a successful ICO

In 2018 ICO, despite the unfavorable forecasts, has not lost its popularity compared to 2017. On the contrary, a huge number of ICOs are held, and according to the CoinSchedule report, the amount collected for…


The Project that Reinvents Recruitment: meet Aworker

Blockchain is undoubtedly a buzzword not only within the tech community but also the wider world. A wave of technological disruptions will soon change not only finance sector but other industries such Recruitment which is…

Documents of cryptoproject

Documents of cryptoproject

To conduct an ICO legally and clearly for token buyers and other persons, and then implement a cryptoproject, it is necessary to carefully approach the development of documentation that will be posted on the website…

What is an ICO

What is an ICO?

Now there are dozens of crypto-currencies with a capitalization of hundred thousand dollars, and new ones appear more often. In the world of young crypto currency, there is one type of transaction, the essence of…

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