Our MediaKit and Banners

You can find our MediaKit and Banners there: https://coinblocklog.io/mediakit.pdf

We can post information about your ICO, about your company, about your event or about the crusader in the crypto industry. We can place an interesting material for free. Advertising material we place for a small fee.

We accept Fiat Money ($, etc.), Cryptocurrency and even tokens of your ICO)

Our email – partners@coinblocklog.io

The target audience of our media are investors, advisors, job seekers with experience in ICO, representatives of well-known ITO, representatives of industry mass media about crypto-currencies, representatives of interesting events, founders of infrastructure companies of the industry.

If you want us to write about you, send your material to us, place our banner on your website and pay us 1 etherium (ETH) or your tokens.


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