The business breakfast in Moscow


On August 15, MOSCOW BLOCKCHAIN AGENCY and investment company FINAM are holding the first investor meeting with Alexey Chalenko and Anatoly Chernenko, founders of a new blockchain project from the well-known fintech company 7Seconds. Attention! To enter Finam’s premises, you need to present a passport!

The first public presentation of the project in Russia!

The event’s web site:

The ICO’s web site:

The existing fintech project’s web site:


7Seconds is a decentralized global credit marketplace that offers artificial intelligence-based credit scoring. 7Seconds helps customers to select the best loan offer within minutes.

Currently, 7Seconds is the only credit marketplace that has developed a reward program for good-faith borrowers and a risk compensation program for banks. 7Seconds’ system for centralized borrower assessment will improve the efficiency of the entire global

POS-lending segment.


Attendees of the private event will learn:

-What problems of lenders and borrowers 7Seconds solves.

-Why Microsoft invested $400,000 in 7Seconds and provided capacities and Microsoft Azure software.

-How blockchain and AI will help financial institutions to attract reliable borrowers and reduce risks, while investors will collect generous commission.

-What attracts numerous partners to 7Seconds. Currently, banks Tinkoff, Alfa Bank, Credit Europe Bank, Mandarin, Oriental Bank, Russian Standard and a number of companies in Asia and Europe collaborate with 7Seconds.

Participants in the meeting will discuss blockchain applications in fintech, as well as contemporary models of POS lending and online retail that will emerge thanks to cutting-edge technologies.

The presentation will be followed by drinks and food, business networking and face-to-face discussions with the project’s founders.

Representative of the Innovations Center, venture capitalists and private investors, business angels, major investment funds and journalists of leading blockchain media have been invited.


The business breakfast will be held at Finam investment company:

bldg. 2 (6th floor, roofed terrace), 7 Nastasyinsky pereulok, Moscow, Russia.

Media contact: Viktoria, +7-925-6135-165,



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