The Project that Reinvents Recruitment: meet Aworker


Blockchain is undoubtedly a buzzword not only within the tech community but also the wider world. A wave of technological disruptions will soon change not only finance sector but other industries such Recruitment which is now outdated and because of that, it is extremely inefficient. Let me introduce you to a blockchain powered platform which is going disrupt HR industry, it is called Aworker.

Aworker is the platform that helps people and companies to find each other faster and with significantly less expenses.
We highlighted 5 groundbreaking reasons why Aworker is going to be the next technological rocketship in HR industry:
Recruitment vice versa. Changing the industry
When the company creates a vacancy Aworker can send them the list of candidates with approved relevant skills and work-related achievements right away. Therefore companies can spend notably fewer expenses on searching for candidates, suitable for the company culture. Here is an example of the typical day of HR managers in near future.

P2P hiring
People can make money on their connections. Networking is a powerful tool for professional reputation. Anyone can get a reward by recommending a friend or acquaintances for open positions (they’ll be rewarded even if they won’t get a job after the interview). All your acquaintances from internships, part-time jobs, webinars, and other professional events will be able to prove your skills and achievements at work. Blockchain allows to make hiring transparent bypassing intermediaries.


Control of the personal data

Now, applicants will be able to monitor the visibility of their data and earn extra money on it. Today people send their personal information for free, without acknowledging the opportunity to add a fee on it if they want. It gives people back the power to control the personal data as it supposed to be.


The guarantee for professional reputation

Aworker users are no longer tied up to one job, company, city or even continent so all your connections from all over the world will be counted. The catch here is that you have to prove the data you write about by attaching certificates or other verifying documents.

Decentralized data verification

Capturing the ‘collective wisdom’ best solves cognitive problems connected with the decision-making process. In a group they tend to decide by authority, which makes dissent within the group improbable — conformity and bias rather than the challenge is the result.


All in all, in Aworker we believe that in the future there will be no need to hire recruitment agencies to find the best-suited candidate. People can help recruiters by recommending the acquaintances with relevant skills set, work experience, and personal characteristics. Decentralization allows to create a safe and transparent ecosystem where all involved parties get rewards for the participation. In the end of the day, the technology will probably become an integral part of our everyday life with Iot, AI, and blockchain dominating in the news. But one thing will remain the same — most of us need a job to buy necessary and not-so-much things so Recruitment market will stay necessary.

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  1. I have long been waiting for such a project. I hope the guys will succeed.

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