This is the last week of the Arcona AR global ecosystem ICO


Already in august the Arcona tokens will be available at the stock exchanges, including such known ones like Gatecoin, Yobit, Cryptology.
The arcona token allows its holder to buy and sell such a reliable and promising crypto-asset as the Digital Land. It’s the first ever AR layer all over the globe accurately linked to particular locations in the physical world and perfectly convenient for remote placement of interactive content. Using it one can earn on trade the plots of the Digital Land in the biggest megacities of the planet, including Paris, New York, London and others, and run and develop the business related to AR from anywhere in the world.
Before getting listed at the exchanges the team focused on “technical dimension” of the Arcona project to secure a timely launch of the platform and add system currency value. Thus, we are working hard on the Marketplace, which is an integral part of the ecosystem. It is going to be a hub, uniting all the community residents and enabling free trade of AR content, software, services and surely digital assets.

The Digital Land has already divided into plots
The first areas of the Digital Land for sale were carefully selected and divided into hexagonal plots with precise coordinates ready to get stored on the Arcona Marketplace after its launch. Apart from resembling the Arcona brand symbol, the hexagon is considered to be the most fitting shape for digital plots allowing for minimum possible distortion. The division structure is based on higher mathematics and is implemented by high-level professionals in the field of geoinformatics.
“What is so significant about this stage? When it comes to 3D content placement in particular and ownership of digital assets in general there might be plenty of questions concerning plot shape, positioning and ownership rights. Regarding these points, one of the most important system traits is the absence of ambiguity of plot division to prevent any false claims of ownership. We strive to make the coordinates of the land plots be fully decentralized public knowledge, rather than data stored in some private databases”, the Arcona co-founder Daniil Girdea said.

A plot of the Digital Land in SoHo (New York) for just one token
After ICO with the primary goal of introducing arcona tokens as the system currency, there will be the auctions for the tokenholder. The system currency will be used for buying the pieces of land. Auctions will be organized for all the project participants. Even for the best territories the bidding will start from minimum price: 1 arcona token for 1 square meter.
Trading within the Arcona system will be all transparent and secured by the smart contract allowing to identify who owns the land or content, and who has the right to transfer it, as well as to register all the transfers. The technology of blockchain will also guarantee every content creator and developer the copyright protection and ensure the automated payment for the use of their intellectual property.
The next step is the opportunity to place tasks on the marketplace auction. The initial content on the marketplace will include the following task packages: special packages with Arcona tasks for developers, 3D artists, lawyers, copywriters, musicians, animators, marketing and PR experts, and other professionals willing to contribute to the project and earn money with the help of our system.
Arcona will make the skills developed in virtual useful in making a real-world living. This will give millions of people an opportunity to make earn in a world more populated than any other virtual universe.


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